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 Good TV-Series for winter evenings

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Timo Vermeersch
Pro Driver

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PostSubject: Good TV-Series for winter evenings   Mon 27 Nov 2017 - 14:06

As the holiday season is approaching with its long winter evenings, and as racing is a bit lower in the interseason, I thought we might list some of our favourite TV-series. They may indeed be welcome during the long winter evenings.

Below my top 5 of the last years, from 5th to top:

5. Beau Sťjour

It's a Belgian series but available on Netflix in some countries now.
There is a paranormal element but even for a non paranormal adept like me, it is very digestable. Past that paranormal aspect, it's just a very good crimi series. Screenshots, framing, plot-switches etc are par to what we have come to expect from TV-series over the last 10 years.

4. La TrÍve

Also Belgian but from the French speaking part. Also on Netflix in some countries. Incredibly good series. The series does not even attempt to hide that it's inspired by number 3. below. A strong plot is however easier to graspt than nr 3. The great thing about La TrÍve is that there are no babes, no quarter-back jocks. Every character feels real and normal... Must see.

3. True Detective - season 1

When I first saw True Dective 1, it felt like it had set the standard for every series to come. The cinematography, the pacing of images and the link with the soundtrack is incredible. The plot is a bit hard to get. But Mathew McConaughey makes up for all that... His best performance by far, IMO.

2. Fargo - season 2

Every Fargo season could have made it in here. But the second is my favourite. Everything just fitted. They hit it home with this one like none of the two others do, even if the two others are also very good.

1. The Sopranos - season 5

Again, every Sopranos season could have made the cut. After all the top series that have been made lately, the Sopranos still stays on top for me. The way they did not only manage to keep the same level of quality throughout almost 7 full seasons, but increased the quality and seemed to constantly add content... It makes it the greates series ever for me. With Steve Buscemi as Tony 2 and Johnny Sack finally in command, season 5 is my favourite.

Some that came close: Marseille (french Netflix series), Ozark, Deadline 14/10, La Piovra,...

Please post yours. I'm in need of ideas †Very Happy .


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Jason White
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PostSubject: Re: Good TV-Series for winter evenings   Mon 27 Nov 2017 - 14:10

I really do need to watch True Detective season one.† I have heard very good things about it.

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Raul Jereb
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PostSubject: Re: Good TV-Series for winter evenings   Tue 28 Nov 2017 - 19:46

True Detective S1 are ok, much better than S2 imo, but yet, I was a bit dissapointed.

Me and my wife are lately very much into seires.. and even tastes are metter of discussion, some of them we watched are really great..

I can suggest - and this is really only my taste

1. Westworld - briliant remake of very old movie with great cast - SF
2. Berlin station - we watched S1, the second is on the way - crime/spy a-la LeCare
3. Breaking Bad - if you start this one, you have to go through all seasons - one of the best series ever
4. The Wire - talking about Sopranos, well this one is about the "good" guys
6. Stranger Things - great 80ties Goonies/ET flavour
7. Narcos - Escobar and co having South Ameircan championship
8. Better call Saul - Breaking Bad seen from one of the participants in the adventure..
9. Expanse - great space crime/mystery, pretty low budget but made with great love and passion
10. Legion - kinda superheroes with special powers, and great, great soundtrack
11. The Punisher - Marvel in its very good (I havent seen Daredevill though, yet)

If I remember something else, ill post it.

And Function
Function is the key
- Fugazi
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PostSubject: Re: Good TV-Series for winter evenings   

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Good TV-Series for winter evenings
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