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 WSC 1970 - Add on cars

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Richard Coxon
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WSC 1970 - Add on cars Empty
PostSubject: WSC 1970 - Add on cars   WSC 1970 - Add on cars Icon_minitimeTue 11 Nov 2014 - 0:48

Not sure if this has been seen, Searched but found nothing on HSO

We may not use the WSC 1970 mod much here, Well have used it at least once in the past few seasons, I found these, there is a load of add on cars to it, Updated cockpits. No idea of physics on them, But thought i would share


WSC 1970 - Add on cars 74474110
WSC 1970 - Add on cars 76121110

New Cockpit
WSC 1970 - Add on cars 917k_c10

Old Cockpit
WSC 1970 - Add on cars 917k_c11

WSC 1970 - Add on cars 462
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WSC 1970 - Add on cars
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