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 Round 3 - Timaru Trophy

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Richard Coxon
Racing Legend
Richard Coxon

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PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 9:45

Results and standings are up :flag:

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David Sabre
Racing Legend
David Sabre

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Location : england
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PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 10:09

My little Pony was well off the pace around this track. I couldn't find anything to make the car faster in testing therefore the race was looking like it was going to be a long slow affair at the back to pick up any points. That's how it turned out drive around at the back and pick up two points. Razz
Thanks for the broadcast and congrats to the winners.
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Yves Plaçais
Racing Legend
Yves Plaçais

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PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 13:05

Bonne qualif, bon départ (mieux que Grant :rigol: ), mais la puissance de la Mustang va rapidement jouer.

Mais Grant use ses pneus, et c'est le petit train-train "Grant-Thiago-Yves" jusquà ce que Grant passe aux stands. Puis Thiago s'envole :top: , je finis 2ème, cool !

Soirée sympa ! Smile

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Michael Drechsler
Pro Driver
Michael Drechsler

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Location : Aachen, Germany
Registration date : 2016-03-11

PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 16:17

That wasn't my kind of race at all. The combination of car, track and myself simply didn't work out here, I never could get into something like a rhythm, in a flow that allowed me to be competitive. I ran on hard tires, and non of them had turned yellow at the end of the race, which shows how far of the car's limit I actually was, while others were asking for much harder tires.
My start was decent, could gain a position, but soon, it was evident that I wouldn't move up much further. The cars ahead of me were to fast, and the guys behind me couldn't keep up. Other competitors didn't do me the favor of dropping out this time. I was behind David for a long while, was even a little faster for some time, but never came into the position to really have a go at him. There was a certain limit the car allowed, and when I got over it, it started to bounce around like a 'roo on XTC. With ten laps to go, I got a bit distracted by my pit menu popping up and I plunged the car into the pit wall. Thankfully, all wheels were still attached, so I decided to move on and try to hold my position and finish the race. Finishing the race put my finish ratio over 60% again, that's the only good thing I take from this race. Else, let's quickly forget about it, I was happy when it was over this time. Sad


Real men drive pink cars!
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Jonatan Acerclinth
Racing Legend
Jonatan Acerclinth

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PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Thu 25 Oct 2018 - 22:10

Thank you for the kind words in regards to the broadcast and for seemingly enjoying it

Also, Berry Lynn, I just replied to one of your E-Mails. If you can't see it, have a look around in Spam or the like if it's gone in there for some reason...

Sorry to hear that a few of you had trouble to yell with the circuit but at least it provided some fantastic fights and great to see a 3rd different make of car at the top step of the podium in as many events :top:


If you are scared entering a corner, you are pushing to hard,
if you are bored entering a corner, you aren't pushing enough,
if you hit it perfectly, it will be better than love
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Thiago Canola
Club Driver

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Location : USA
Registration date : 2017-01-23

PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Fri 26 Oct 2018 - 16:43

I new that was the perfect track for the Mitsubishi! What a good handling car!

My qualify wasn't good at all, I missed the second attempt because of shaking legs.. Laughing

The plan was to get front row  to jump in front before T1 and try to open a gap before the straight. It worked but Grant had more early pace and overtook me around lap 5. But strong pace comes with a price when driving thr V8. He was destroying his tires because of it.

Yves was just behind waiting to capitalize if any of us had any moment. I kept going pushing Grant to push his tires to the limit.

It didn't take too long to start having much better pace than him. I had to slow down and Yves was pushing me already at that moment.

Then in lap 20 something, at the double apex left turn, before the hairpin I could put almost side by side (inside) in a way that I could compromise his line for the hairpin and then I changed to the inside just before the braking. Nice and clean.

After that it was just keep the pace until the end not make any mistake.

Next race will be the big V8s revenge, it will be terrible for the Mitsubishi!! We will see....

Great race guys. Thank you Jonathan for the broadcast.

See you!!
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Filippo Marazzi
Club Driver
Filippo Marazzi

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Location : Varese, Italy
Registration date : 2016-11-05

PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   Mon 29 Oct 2018 - 16:29

Good race for me finally not so far from rest of the group.
A mistake in less and I could be in front of Michael and score my first point.

Thanks Steve my track engineer for setup

Second consecutive 16th place .... Probably first in classification of drivers with 0 points Very Happy
Maybe Pukekohe 500 Kms will be the good one :conduit:

Jonatan another great broadcast :clap:

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PostSubject: Re: Round 3 - Timaru Trophy   

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Round 3 - Timaru Trophy
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