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 **HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix**

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**HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix**   **HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix** Icon_minitimeWed 3 Oct 2018 - 18:44

The admins have made the following decisions:

Dave Miller receives a warning for causing contact with Øyvind Andersen, on Lap 3 in Turn 1, while being too late on the brakes, holding Øyvind up due to the contact and then not waiting to give the position back.
Given what happened afterwards we understand that it would have been difficult to rectify the swap of positions.

Raul Jereb receives a warning for contact with Øyvind Andersen, causing the latter to spin, lose 3 positions and failing to give the position back. While the incident just prior between Dave and Øyvind contributed, Rauls' failure to accomodate for the slowdown of Øyvind did not help the situation.

These warnings serve as a reminder that you should wait, and give it back, if you gain a position through ill means.

Further incidents of this kind, failing to give a position back, will be enforced through either grid and points penalties primarily.

**HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix** 539

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**HSO Rulings | New Zealand Grand Prix**
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