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 1985 NZTCC - Rules

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PostSubject: 1985 NZTCC - Rules   Fri 7 Sep 2018 - 16:03

1985 New Zealand Touring Car Championship

Touring Car Legends Mod and Cars

We will use the Touring Car Legends 1.10 mod for rFactor.
You will also need the sound pack to get all the engine sounds and the BMW 635 Fix.
Engines sounds can be greatly improved by using this additional sound patch made by Guillaume Siebert from the Touring Masters version of the mod by the Race Department.
For this championship we will also use the 1985 Bathurst Add-on, which add 3 cars model

Also here is a fix for the external mirrors on the Alfa GTV6, Provided by Vadim Sadoshenko

All the upgrades available for each cars are allowed.

Car selection is free. However, admins can refuse a car to a given driver if he is judged too fast for it or if his simracing level is unknown. The Jaguar XJS and Volvo 240 Turbo are not available to the fastest drivers or newcomers to the website.

Car Re-allocation

If a full-time car becomes vacant during the series, it is offered during a 24 hour period, and everyone interested asks for it. The interested driver who has the most starts in the series gets the car. In the event two or more interested drivers have the same number of starts, the one who asks for it first gets the car. If nobody asks for it during the 24 hour period, the car is then offered on a first come, first serve basis until it is picked up (this process dispenses with the waiting list system used in previous series). An HSO member can only switch full-time drives once during the series. Admins retain the right to approve additional full-time drive moves due to exceptional circumstances.

Two drivers may share the same car and arrange between themselves how they want to take part in any single event, in essence if one driver only drives in an event or if they want to use the driver swap function during a pitstop. The Hot Swap function will not be allowed. If a pair of drivers are found to have used Hot Swap to switch between themselves they will be disqualified from the event.

If a full-time driver declares himself/herself absent for a race, their car will be available for said race as a one-off drive. One-off drivers cannot switch from one car to another once they have made a selection for a particular race. Similarly, full-time drivers already confirmed for a particular race cannot abandon their full-time ride for a car that suddenly becomes available after the fact. Drivers with a secure full-time drive are not allowed to jump into another full-time drive that happens to be open at a particular race, unless they are switching to that car full-time or abandoning full-time driving in favour of one-offs. If a full-time drive is vacated awkwardly close to a particular race, the admins may choose to offer the car as a one-off for said race, then reallocate it as a full-time drive after the race is complete.

A driver missing two races in a row without any explanation on the forum, will have his car freed and made available for someone else to book.

Championship Rules

The championship will be run over 6 meetings, held on Wednesday nights. Each meeting will host one race lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes.

Points will be awarded to the top 15 scratch finishers on the following scale :

25 - 20 - 17 - 14 - 12 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1

Only one overall drivers' championship will be held.


The starting grid for the race will be determined by the times recorded during the 10-mins qualifying session held just before the race. Each driver will be allowed to do a maximum of 2 timed laps in this qualifying session (4 in Total: 1 Out Lap, 2 Hot Laps and 1 In Lap).

Event Schedule

All meetings will be held on Wednesday nights (all times given as Paris time)

20:00 - Free Practice
20:45 - Qualifying (2 laps)
20:55 - Warmup
21:00 - Race Start

Starts will be given standing on the grid, after one formation lap.

Behaviour on track

- as for all HSO races, it is required you use your real name both in-game and on the forum. Thank you.

- Chatting is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in race session. It is allowed in qualifying sessions for technical issues only.

- Drive Through : If a driver has to do a drive through, even if there is no pit lane speed limit, he has to drive through the pitlane at 100km/h max (60mph). If he doesn't respect this, he will get a 30s penalty at the end of the race.

- Shortcuts : If a driver gains a position after shortcutting a turn, he is required to give it back as soon as possible. In the case where a driver would not do it rapidly, a 30-second penalty will be added to his total race time. In the event of abusive and intentional shortcutting, severe sanctions will be applied (up to a definitive ban from the league). To make sure you never shortcut a turn, try to always keep two wheels on the track.

- Respect the red light at the end of the pitlane.

Application and Interpretation of the Regulations

The admins alone are qualified to solve any problems raised by the application and the interpretation of the present regulations.


If you are scared entering a corner, you are pushing to hard,
if you are bored entering a corner, you aren't pushing enough,
if you hit it perfectly, it will be better than love
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1985 NZTCC - Rules
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