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Jason White
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Jason White

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PostSubject: **IMPORTANT INFO FOR INDY CAR ALLOCATION**   Mon 30 Apr 2018 - 15:06

Car Allocation begins today at 20h00 CET. The format is first come first serve. However, the admins would like to make everyone aware of a few ground rules:

- Since the entry list will likely be bombarded with posts when it is unlocked, we are asking everyone to list three choices. This way, if people cross post asking for the same car, there is still a chance people will get a car they like. The admins will do our best to keep the entry list updated, but understand that this will likely be a challenge due to forum traffic.

- You can make car choices on behalf of one person, provided said person confirms the choices within 24 hours.

- The admins will refuse cars from Group 1 in the mod readme (Coyote 74, McLaren M16D, Eagle 74 #48) to drivers deemed to quick for them or of unknown performance.  If you are in doubt about where you stand in this regard, please PM an admin and ask prior to 20h00 CET today.

One final note: We encourage everyone to be reasonable with their choices; this means don't select three group 1 cars and then act surprised later when you don't get any of the cars you wanted.  Thank you for your attention and enthusiasm!

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