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 F1 1971 Test Server - Imola 1972

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Brian Janik
Experienced Driver

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PostSubject: Re: F1 1971 Test Server - Imola 1972   Sun 18 Feb 2018 - 15:18

Michal Janak wrote:
Austin Johnson wrote:
Yes let AMS control your wheel rotation. Make sure you have the box checked. In game forces should be set at 360hz with low ffb boost off. Makes the game feel much smoother and doesn't have over exaggerated effects.

THX for advices,  360 pure or with efects?   in comparsion to old MOMO there s too much kicks to wheel , hard to say in englishfor me but it feel litle jake bitting now , i feel more when tyres lock but les the car weight transitions

In RealFeelPlugin you can also try changing this line
Somewhere between 2500~3200. (that is number from a glance at MoTec) This will weaken the general FFB until the forces build up during corner. Otherwise you get Max FFB when nothing is happening. (supposedly)
Trying this recently, seems to help.

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Alberto Ibaņez
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Alberto Ibaņez

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PostSubject: Re: F1 1971 Test Server - Imola 1972   Sun 18 Feb 2018 - 18:31

Juha Bos wrote:
Alberto Jr is ready to take over if anything happens. :D

I even bought him a wheel/pedals so that he isn't wishing my death to inherit mine  Suspect Laughing

"There are two kind of oval racers, those who have hit the wall and those who will hit it" - Mario Andretti

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F1 1971 Test Server - Imola 1972
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