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 1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup - Rules

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Jason White
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PostSubject: 1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup - Rules   Wed 27 Dec 2017 - 4:44

1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup

Can-Am 1971 Mod

For this championship we will use theHSO Can-Am 1971 Mod V1.1 for rFactor with this rFm and this cams file

Car Selection

A variety of chassis will be available for this series (i.e. Autocoast, BRM, Ferrari, Lola, March, McLaren, Porsche and Shadow).

These are the key dates for the mod release and initial entry list procedures:

December 31st morning ---> Mod released and entry list thread opened
December 31st through January 4th ---> Testing period and posting of top three preferred cars in entry list thread*
January 5th-6th ---> Admin deliberation** (entry list thread will be closed during this time)
January 6th evening ---> Entry list is made public
January 7th ---> Thread for race #1 is opened

*Drivers can revise their choices up to the point of deliberation; only the latest post will be taken into account. While the entry list is open, a driver can post their selections and those of someone else who can't be online when the thread is open -- providing:
1) They only post selections for themselves and a maximum of one other driver
2) The other driver doesn't post later with a contradicting selection

**Admins will assign drives based on the choices made, taking into account which combinations will yield the best attendance and best competition. Drivers must be realistic in their choices, because the admins reserve the right to refuse any car for a driver deemed too fast for it or of an unknown sim racing level. This limitation will also apply to cars that become free during the series.

If a full-time car becomes vacant during the series, it is offered during a 24 hour period, and everyone interested asks for it. The interested driver who has the most starts in the series gets the car. In the event two or more interested drivers have the same number of starts, the one who asks for it first gets the car. If nobody asks for it during the 24 hour period, the car is then offered on a first come, first serve basis until it is picked up (this process dispenses with the waiting list system used in previous series). An HSO member can only switch full-time drives once during the series. Admins retain the right to approve additional full-time drive moves due to exceptional circumstances.

For certain exceptional cases we can allow sharing a car between two drivers, i.e. they are free to arrange between themselves who drives at each event.

If a full-time driver declares himself/herself absent for a race, their car will be available for said race as a one-off drive. One-off drivers cannot switch from one car to another once they have made a selection for a particular race. Similarly, full-time drivers already confirmed for a particular race cannot abandon their full-time ride for a car that suddenly becomes available after the fact. Drivers with a secure full-time drive are not allowed to jump into another full-time drive that happens to be open at a particular race, unless they are switching to that car full-time or abandoning full-time driving in favour of one-offs. An HSO member can only drive a maximum of three different cars as one-offs during the series. If a full-time drive is vacated awkwardly close to a particular race, the admins may choose to offer the car as a one-off for said race, then reallocate it as a full-time drive after the race is complete.
A full-season driver missing one race without any explanation on the forum will have their car freed and made available for someone else. If a full-season driver is absent for two races in a row or four races in total, they will lose their drive, even if they declare their absence each time. Under no circumstances can a driver have their name attached to more than one car at a time (i.e. driving a one-off car one weekend while at the same time having a full-time drive booked in advance for subsequent races).

Championship Rules

The championship will be run over ten rounds, each one roughly 200 miles in length.

Points System

Points are awarded to the top ten drivers in each race according to the following chart.

Position 12345678910
Points 20151210864321

At the end of the first half of the 10-race schedule, drivers are permitted to count only their four best results out of five races.
The same rule will apply to the second half of the schedule, leaving eight results counting towards the championship total.


A one-hour qualifying session will determine the race grid.

Event Schedule

All meetings will be held on Sunday nights (all times given as CET)

20:00 Qualifying Session (60 minutes)
21:00 Drivers' briefing and warm-up
21:10 Race start

Server Name : Historic Simracing CA71
Server IP :
Server Password : hso71

Race Start Procedure

Each race will feature a rolling start.
Once everybody is on the grid and green has been given by the game, drivers will start a formation lap at low speed. Do not overtake, stay packed, no more than 2 or 3 car lengths between each car.
After the last turn, cars will keep rolling at reduced speed in the starting grid formation, so remember your side of the grid.
When the leading car will be in sight of the start/finish line, an admin will give the real start of the race by typing "GREEN FLAG" in chat.

Overtaking before crossing the start/finish line is not allowed.
Zigzaging to warm up your tires is not allowed.

Before the green flag, drivers should maintain a staggered formation, and not stay along side each others.

Training Server

A training server running the next scheduled track will be online for one week prior to each race.

Behaviour on track

A few behaviour rules :

- as for all HSO races, it is required you use your real name both in-game and on the forum. Thank you.

- Chatting is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in race session. It is allowed in qualifying sessions for technical issues only.

- Drive Through : If a driver has to do a drive through, even if there is no pit lane speed limit, he has to drive through the pitlane at 100km/h max (60mph). If he doesn't respect this, he will get a 30s penalty at the end of the race.

- If you have a spin on the course, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the track is sufficiently clear before you rejoin the race.

- Respect the red condition at the end of the pitlane.

Application and Interpretation of the Regulations

The admins alone are qualified to solve any problems raised by the application and the interpretation of the present regulations.


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Jason White
Racing Legend

Number of posts : 12987
Age : 40
Location : Ferndale, MI USA
Registration date : 2011-12-25

PostSubject: Re: 1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup - Rules   Sun 7 Jan 2018 - 20:13

Important info the mod has been updated to v1.1
Please download and apply this BEFORE you download Mosport, as the track has a series-specific rFm embedded.

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https://www.flickr.com/photos/134621756@N03/albums Online
1971 Canadian-American Challenge Cup - Rules
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