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 Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]

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Michael Drechsler
Pro Driver

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PostSubject: Re: Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]   Mon 7 Aug 2017 - 21:30

Sheesh, not much fun for me. Threw the first bottle, didn't even hit anything besides that ole lady in the second row, who I'm sure she was missing some of her teeth before! You know that kind of redneck meth trailer park royalty when you see it. Nontheless, four guys in black shirts came, grabbed me, accompanied me to the exit and told me I'm barred. What a stupid bunch of spoil-sports! At least I had some fun at Bob's Country Bunker. The 'Good Ole' Boys' were rocking da houze, and no one cared about my bottle throwing! lol!

Okay, seriously now, was watching the broadcast for about two hours. From the outside, it was tremendous fun to watch you guys slide around the oval with the tails hanging wide out, and cars hanging in the suspension like myself on the canapé on a lazy sunday afternoon. A real joy to watch. The racing itself was nice to watch as well, as long as it lasted, but when I dialed myself out, it was once again getting a tough to watch with one yellow after another. I understand these cars are not the easiest to drive and offer stability in only a rather small window, but its getting a bit prevalent lately, which is taking a lot of the fun away for me.


Real men drive pink cars!
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Bruno Chacon
Club Driver

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PostSubject: Re: Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]   Mon 7 Aug 2017 - 22:26

Bob Holada wrote:
Bruno Chacon wrote:
Mr. Holada was angry with me. He hit me at the rear on a yellow flag and 2 times in reverse in the pits.

NO Bruno.  I was never angry with you. The rear end collision happened because I was distracted by a slow car near the guard rail. My fault.   The collisions in the pits was from not being able to stop the car with the brakes.
I would slow down the car to a crawl before my pit box but no matter how slow I seemed to be I would just glide through my pit box.  Put it into reverse and try to carefully backup a little but the car wouldn't stop until it hit something.  I owe you a thank you for being there.  During a round of pit stops before I exited I delayed my pit stop by one lap because I saw that you had turned in for your pit stop.  I'm not sure who helped me during that stop.

Congratulations on Finishing

Bob Holada

No problem my friend!
We had a nice duel while you were on the same lap and the pressure was great.
Big hug!
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Mike Becnel
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PostSubject: Re: Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]   Wed 9 Aug 2017 - 2:21

Agree with the ruling in my case. Can't allow heavy contact under yellow. My fault.

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Filippo Marazzi
Club Driver

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PostSubject: Re: Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]   Sun 13 Aug 2017 - 23:09


congratulation to David Jaques and all the drivers,
great race, and great "endurance" broadcasting.
Happy to finish the race, and to be for my first time competitive with fast drivers and challenging with some of them as Juha Bos, David Sabre, Jason Whited, Jan Titz, Adam Hackman and Ray Riddall.

Thank to Scott Urick and Adam Hackman for helping me with setup of the car.
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PostSubject: Re: Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]   

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Motor State 500 [Aug 6th]
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