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 Please BE VERY CAREFUL..always!

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Karel Marciniszyn
Pro Driver

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PostSubject: Please BE VERY CAREFUL..always!   Thu 20 Jul 2017 - 20:03

today i had a terrible experience.

I was driving home from our second office. It is 50km on highway. Everything went smooth, I was just changing the line when huge cloud of a dust arises in front of me. At first moment, I did not realize what is happening but car on my side starts to brake and turn on the warning lights. So, I slow down (I was not driving fast so it was OK) and from the dust in front of me I can see a lorry lying on the side. I drive my car around and park it on the side of highway with warning lights on.

At first sight, it was not looking bad. I can see only one guy trying to get out of the car so I run there to help him. In a few seconds, there was more people trying to help. Finally I can see there are more people in the car...I am not sure if I saw 3 or 4. The guys in the car looks like in shock because they try to open the doors on side on which the car laid. we instruct them to open the opposite one, at that moment I made a step back to give them a room where to jump from the car. And at that point I saw that there is someone under the car. I shout that we must put the car on the wheel at any costs but I was nearly sure that the guy cannot survive. Once more people come we were able to turn the cars back on wheels and it became obvious that I was unfortunately right...he has a devastating head injury and it was clear we cannot help him in any way. The only thing I can do was turn around and try to breath some fresh air...the rest of the guys in that crashed cars were completely OK except one with bruises on his shoulder. They were all about 20 - 25 years old...driver became mad as he was in shock once he finds out what happened to his friend...

The dead guy was sitting in the second row in the middle of the car and I am pretty sure he was not wearing the seatbelt. If he sticked that fucking seatbelt he will be ok, invest one fucking second and you will have another 60 year of live ahead of you. So please never left anyone in your car without seatbelt. What makes it even more grievous was the fact that the rest of the guys shouting around that he should have a wedding next week.

I am sorry to put this here as it is quite off topic, I ve just need to say that and hopefully forget...at least the moment when I find out there is someone under that car...

I am ashamed for my stats way too much to show them :D
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Richard Coxon
Racing Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Please BE VERY CAREFUL..always!   Sun 23 Jul 2017 - 9:22

A very true message Karel. ALWAYS wear a seat belt.

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Please BE VERY CAREFUL..always!
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