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 **HSO Rulings | Indianapolis**

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PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | Indianapolis**   Tue 20 Jun 2017 - 0:15

After reviewing Round 4, the admins have made the following decisions.

Bruno Chacon receives a one-race suspension for avoidable contact with Steve Parker under yellow.
This is the second time this year that Bruno has taken another car out of a race via avoidable contact (WEC Silverstone), hence the one-race suspension. This particular incident is far more troubling than the first because it happened under yellow; Bruno failed to properly slow for the yellow, causing the collision. This suspension must be served in the CART 88 series, and only when Bruno has obtained a full-time drive.  A repeat incident of avoidable contact in any series will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Adam Hackman receives a warning for failing to properly slow for a yellow, nearly causing a collision.
A repeat incident of this kind will draw disciplinary action from the league.

Michael Drechsler receives a warning for needlessly racing with cars that were several laps ahead of him.
These were not cars he was battling with for position; his dicing with them was a nuisance to their actual racing battles, and put them at more risk than was necessary. A repeat incident of this kind will draw disciplinary action from the league.

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**HSO Rulings | Indianapolis**
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