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 Lost another one...

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Jason Fitch
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PostSubject: Lost another one...   Fri 19 May 2017 - 4:35

We lost one of the, as Robin Miller puts it, Tough Guys.

 Jim McElreath passed away today(Thursday) he was 89.

 Jim came up through the IMCA Sprint Car ranks and made his First Indianapolis 500 in 1962 and won Rookie of the Year.

 In a career at Indianapolis that spanned from 1962 to 1982 he only failed to Qualify for 4 of those races. His best finish was a 3rd place in 1966.

 Jim won 5 IndyCar wins including the Inaugural California 500 at Ontario Motor Speedway in an AJ Foyt car.

 Jim was a relatively unknown guy, even in his heydays, partly due to his quiet and unassuming way, but as Bobby Unser says, "When Jim stood up in a Drivers Meeting, everyone shut up and listened."

 Those who follow IndyCar and study it's history know Jim because of his personal life that was full of tragedy. In 1977 a few months after attempting and failing to become the first Father-Son pair to Qualify at Indy, Jim lost his son James in a Sprint Car crash at Winchester Speedway. In 2000 his daughter Shirley Ann was killed in a plane crash along with her husband Tony Bettenhausen Jr. Not long after that his wife suffered a masssive stroke that left her unable to care for herself. For the last 17 years Jim never left her side and served as a professional caregiver for her until his own deteriorating health required him to receive constant care.

 I'll end with the same quote that Robin Miller ended his tribute with.

 Courtesy of A.J. Foyt - “Jimmy was a helluva man.”


"On the first day at St. Jovite, I was following Paul Hawkins up the back straight...and Paul Hawkins car took off, his Lola T70. It went upside down and when it landed it did 360's down the road, and Hawkins was upside down and trapped in the thing...So I stopped and a bunch of us got to the car...and we hoisted it up and got it back on it's wheels and he got out of it. He looked back and where he'd taken off, it was way back, 150 yards or more. He looked at the car and he looked way back and he looked at the car and then he said "F@%k"...and that was the story of the Can-Am" -Sam Posey
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Michael Drechsler
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PostSubject: Re: Lost another one...   Wed 31 May 2017 - 17:33

Jeez, just doesn't stop this year. Eric Broadley of Lola fame passed away at age 88 Crying or Very sad

We are nihilists. We believe in nothing.
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Lost another one...
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