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 Small idea - CART 1988 Management game

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Matthew Hull
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PostSubject: Small idea - CART 1988 Management game   Wed 22 Mar 2017 - 0:29

I have a bit of an idea for a series that could accompany the CART 1988 season, but with a twist.

The main idea is that each competitor picks a team and must submit strategies and setups for their teams, then handing over to the AI to drive. I have a couple of undercooked ideas to accompany this and spice it up a bit. One would be to even out the field a bit and another would be to a "driver draft."

I think this could be good to provide those who have failed to get a seat this season a chance to experience a full season.

Tell me what you think below.
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Small idea - CART 1988 Management game
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