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 Rfactor ILTC 2017

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Florent Marty

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PostSubject: Rfactor ILTC 2017   Sat 24 Sep 2016 - 17:17

Inter League Touring Car Championship 2017

We are the team Organiser of the first ILTC championship. The first edition will be held the year 2017 and aims to compete different leagues that wish to participate. The principle is simple.

Each league that wishes to participate may engage one or more teams. A team is composed of two drivers with the same car. The commitments are of course completely free. The first team in the overall standings wins the title ILTC 2017 and the title of best league "not official" rfactor.
During the races, drivers will represent their leagues. But also, it will be possible for drivers of participate by creating their own team. Néamoins we are rather favorable to league teams.

The championship will begin in February and will end in mid December making a tour of 14 events divided every 3 weeks on average to allow each league to run their own championship. The races are based on the game mode "Endurance Series" by Enduracer with the GT1 and GT2 categories
Since we want to try to put compete leagues of different nationalities, the race day will be on Sunday from 20:00 GMT-0.  8:00 p.m. start of the qualifying session of 20 minutes. 8:30 p.m. start the race an hour and a half.

Note that I stress the point that we are not a league. We have no forum. Just a website.

For more information you can send an email to

You can also visit us on our website

You will have access to the entry form to download and resend us by email, and you can see the "entry list". Please note that commitments will be closed December 25, 2016 - 00:00 GMT-0.

Thank you for having take a few minutes for pay attention to our message. We hope to see you among our league teams this season. Sincerely, sportingly
ILTC the organizing team.
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Rfactor ILTC 2017
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