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 Who has seen

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Marie de Lacrowe

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PostSubject: Who has seen   Mon 23 Nov 2015 - 13:54

study I saw the video "1978 BRDC International Trophy - Silverstone" and the car chosen by Mr. Sabre did I mention the real race of 1977 at Silverstone with Villeneuve.
The talent for this pilot was just beginning, while Mr. Sabre is a talented already established. It is not necessary to always finish first in the race, the talent of a pilot sees anyway.

study My passion for rFactor is born because of this video, in which the cars of the 1978 season by appearing with chrome rims that I have never seen before.
Even the size of the tires I have always liked, and have never failed to imitate them. All cars had a good gloss effect and the engine sound was perfect.

:spy: I always looked for information on the cars created by Roland Larsen but without success. He has just released several videos for the seasons 1977 and 1978, without ever releasing at least a car. If anyone has any information on his cars, I thank him in advance.
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Who has seen
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