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 VirtualR Decaying and Alternatives

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Richard Wilks
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PostSubject: VirtualR Decaying and Alternatives   Thu 14 May 2015 - 17:27

I don't want to sound elitist, but as anyone noticed how virtualR seems highjacked by the "give me more grafix" crowds, and by the companies that are generating more money? The users that comment there openly claim they don't care if the physics are off as long as cars look good and/or sound nice (nice not being exactly realistic).

They stopped posting anything related to mods done to older sims, prefering to instead talk about DLCs, pay mods, and very very dubious AC mods physics wise (they obviously didnt get a visit from JP :jp: ).

Are there any open sim racing news boards that still talk about good mods and stuff coming out for the older and more complete sims?

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Alberto Ibaņez
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PostSubject: Re: VirtualR Decaying and Alternatives   Thu 14 May 2015 - 18:24

Yeah like many other fan-based stuff that first appeared as something very different, they have now gone the "proffesional" route with sponsors, heavy advertising and such. Same thing as with the first, formerly not bad, "inside simracing" review online show, which even ended in a quite acronymous split between the hosts. Even normal forums like Nogrip have been decaying for long, and we are right now stuck with older sims whose mods do no longer spark interest among the crowds, and the new generation ones, still inmature or not even fully released and with little good modding stuff around.

"There are two kind of oval racers, those who have hit the wall and those who will hit it" - Mario Andretti

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VirtualR Decaying and Alternatives
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