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 TCL Special Event at Ruapuna Raceway (SimRacingPro.com) [16.02.2014]

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Jonatan Acerclinth
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PostSubject: TCL Special Event at Ruapuna Raceway (SimRacingPro.com) [16.02.2014]   Thu 2 Jan 2014 - 6:13

Hi guys, I'm not sure if there is an event here on the date of the event as I haven't double checked but non the less, I would like to invite you all to this Special Event over at simracingpro.com.


The cars are relatively well balanced. Taking into consideration that the slower cars (Corolla Levin, Escort, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo) can do the full race without going into the pits it should smooth out most of the differences in the cars.

If you have any questions, don't hessitate to ask Smile


If you are scared entering a corner, you are pushing to hard,
if you are bored entering a corner, you aren't pushing enough,
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TCL Special Event at Ruapuna Raceway (SimRacingPro.com) [16.02.2014]
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