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 Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours

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Kris Migut

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PostSubject: Re: Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours   Thu 18 Nov 2010 - 18:35

Well. I was clearly so much slower than anyone else that I had expected to be lapped about fifty-three thousand times before the end of the race, which wasn't far from the truth, actually :D. I had an interesting fight with Tom and Franck in the early stages, but apart from that I had a lonely race, as no one was able to match my pace :D. Tom got lost somewhere, and it was obviously due to his pedal problem - I wish I could have seen his braking lights being on all the time before the race, not during it. Towards the end I could see him finally getting up to speed and closing in on me at a tremendous rate, reducing my 20+ s. advantage to just 3s in a matter of a few laps, but then he must have run into some other problems, as I could see him drop back. That was just about the most exciting part of the second hour of racing for me ;-).

Congratulations to Honza, seeing the smoke I was concerned about your engine lasting the whole race, but it ended well. And I had foreseen this extra pit-stop for Matias Smile
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Thomas Cazorla
Pro Driver

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PostSubject: Re: Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours   Thu 18 Nov 2010 - 19:52

Tain mais quelle haine!

J'arrive sur le serveur et là j'ai des pings à plus de 500.
Je sors et redémarre la box et plus moyen de retrouver ma connexion.
Elle vient juste de revenir à l'instant même Evil or Very Mad

Fait chier, mes 2 champs sont morts coup sur coup Sad

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Philippe Martinelli
Racing Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours   Fri 19 Nov 2010 - 9:48

Jean-Baptiste Massida wrote:
Philippe Martinelli wrote:
Matias Estrela wrote:
interesting too.. in the first part I was behind señor Martinelli Wink, it looked like he had sometimes problems with control of the car so I 've expected something bad.. finally we had a contact Sad. sorry but it was impossible for me to avoid you.. and Honza.. don't worry Smile
Matias a l'air de se plaindre du fait que j'avais des problèmes pour tenir ma voiture et que l'on se serait touché à cause de cela... Je ne suis pas très bon en anglais donc c'est sous réserve que je dis cela...
Toujours est-il que j'étais devant toi Monsieur Estrela et que c'est à toi de faire le nécessaire pour ne pas me rentrer dedant.
Mais je vois qu'il y a un "sorry" dans ton post, donc tu dois reconnaitre quelques responsabilités...

Il n'était pas agressif, il dit seulement que tu avais des problèmes parfois avec le contrôle de ta voiture et il s'attendait à ce que quelquechose arrive. Puis il s'excuse car ça lui était impossible de t'éviter Wink Il n'y avait pas grand chose d'agressif dans son post Wink

PS: Gui pourquoi le retour sur les 4 roues n'est plus autorisé?

Je crois que sur le coup je n'ai pas apprécié le "señor" dont Matias me gratifie... puis il dit "nous" avons eu un contact alors que c'est bien lui qui me percute, çà non plus j'ai pas aimé.

Je suis sans doute un peu trop suscéptible en ce moment, merci de me le faire remarquer J-B Wink

A la prochaine Smile

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Frank Verplanken
League Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours   Fri 19 Nov 2010 - 21:00

cheers I was very happy with my win of Wednesday ! It was a hard fought battle, with the championship equation always in mind :jp: . I wanted to go non-stop so started with full tanks and a long gearbox setting on which I only used the 4 bottom gears.

I was able to follow Matias and Honza in the first laps, helped by the Panteras who I think were slowing them down. But I spun stupidly after missing my braking point at the end of the long straight, blinded by the smoke of the cars in front of me. I lost some time letting people by before rejoining behind Franck M's BMW. In the left hander after the bump I thought you were letting me by and I kinda shut the door on you, so apologies for that Embarassed .

Then Matias and Honza had their incident and I closed the gap on them. There was a nice chase behind Jean-Louis and Ben too. Towards the end I realised my no-stop strategy was going to be just short of one lap, as Jean-Baptiste didn't seem to be wanting to lap me for the 4th time as I needed it :D ! But I knew that the later I stopped the more I would gain on those who had stopped earlier and thus had a longer pitstop. I finally did a splash-and-go 10 minutes from the end and rejoined 5s in front of Honza. And that was it :first: .

Grats to JB for his superb win and to all finishers ! Thanks to all for another great field and race !
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PostSubject: Re: Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours   

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Round 12 - Mid Ohio 2 hours
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